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I have been active throughout my life and have been working in the fitness industry since 2003.  I wanted to make a difference, which lead me to specialising in Cancer and Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention.  I bring both passion and excellence into this area and constantly strive to improve people’s knowledge of how regular physical activity can have so many positive effects.


I am involved with St Peters and Ashford Hospital working with the oncology nurses, raising awareness of exercise and work with the Senior Cardiac Nurse at St Peters Hospital in the outpatient department for Cardiac Rehabilitation.  Once patients are discharged/finished treatment I provide exercise classes in the community.


I have spoken about the benefits of exercise to patients and people going through treatment to increase perceptions of how regular physical activity can improve not just health but quality of life and aid recovery from surgery and illness.

Since Covid lockdown in 2020 I have been part of the SafeFit team which is a research trial designed to support anyone in the UK with suspicion of, or confirmed diagnosis of cancer.


I hold certificates for Cancer & Exercise Rehabilitation and British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Exercise Instructor.  I am registered with CIMSPA the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity continuing to improve my knowledge and understanding of recent guidelines and evidence.

What some clients say:  

I met Sandra when I had to attend cardiac-rehab back in June 2010. As the course progressed I soon realised that I needed to continue with regular exercise and then discovered Sandra ran classes away from St Peters, which I decided - apprehensively initially - to go along to. Another lady who I had met at St Peters also agreed to go along. Sandra greeted us both warmly and encouraged us in her very understated way to attain fitness levels I had never appreciated before. We soon progressed from the basic level to level 4 and I for one am quite proud of that..

Through the rehab class I have made 8 very good long term friends. We thrive not only on the class but all the gossip that goes along with it - we are 'The Ladies That Laugh'.

At this time I decided I wanted to learn to swim and Sandra encouraged me to do that too. Four years down the line I am a fully competent swimmer swimming 20 lengths a session with ease and all because I was gently pushed and seriously encouraged to get a better life. Thank you Sandra.


- Gill

"I have been going regularly, twice a week to Sandra's "cardiac classes" for nearly 7 years now. They are 100% professionally structured, and with Sandra's bubbly personality & enthusiasm for her work it has helped me immensely to stay fit & healthy since my quintuple bypass surgery. She is brilliant."


- Ray

Sandra ensures that you work to within your capacity but with encouragement to move to the top end of your ability.


Everyone is allowed to work at their own pace – it is about everyone reaching their owns goals and not about competing against others but against yourself.


A fun and lively hour of exercise that makes me feel like I have pushed my boundaries.


Sandra listens and understands what each and every person wants to achieve from the session and helps you to obtain it.


- Tracey

I have found Sandra extremely helpful, kind, caring, a good listener and a friend.  After completing the necessary forms you can attend as many classes as your treatment dictates.  Attendiing classes with like minded persons is not only exercise as an opportunity to support others.  


- Beverleyt place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

Late in 2009 I was unexpectedly told I needed a Triple Heart Bypass. After the operation having attended the hospital exercise rehab course in early 2010 I took up the opportunity to transfer to the extension course run by Sandra. I've been going twice a week ever since finding working out with people with similar problems is really good and Sandra keeps a very close eye on everyone.  The classes are friendly, fun and professionally run and I would recommend them to anyone who has, or has had, a cardiac problem.


- Brian

I joined Sandra's exercise class for cancer patients in November.  I am really impressed on how professional Sandra is.  My first meeting with her was at home where she did a very detailed assessment.  When I started the class I was made to feel very welcome by the other participants and Sandra explained what was expected of me.  The exercise class is catered towards everybodys own ability and Sandra keeps a close eye on you.  She constantly improves your posture and makes sure that you are constantly challenged and get the most out of the class.


Before I was diagnosed with breast cancer I use to exercise 4 times a week and after my treatment I was very keen to return to exercising but i was apprehensive on how to go about it.  The class has given me the confidence again to return to the gym but also the support from the other members who have been through the same as me is really uplifting and every week I look fowward to going.  


- Freddie

"Sandra’s classes are all geared towards each individual’s needs, so it doesn’t matter whether you join as a couch potato like me or already have a certain level of fitness. Sandra adapts all exercises depending on your fitness level and also accommodates any pre-existing injuries or aliments you may have. Sandra’s personality and caring supportive role help make the classes fun and enjoyable. The people attending these classes are all very friendly and welcoming, there is no need to feel nervous about attending as everyone there has shared a similar experience to you and can relate to what you may be experiencing when you join."


- Nikki

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